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We’ve all heard the adage, “Two things in life are inevitable: death and taxes.” For a variety of reasons, some of us may ignore filing or paying taxes. When the IRS comes calling, however, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help.

Ellyn Tanenberg is a tax lawyer and CPA with offices in Washington, DC; Silver Spring Maryland; and Miami, Florida. She works with clients across the nation and worldwide who have IRS and state tax problems, including unfiled tax returns, unpaid taxes, tax audits and yearly tax filings. You can rely on her to help you understand all your options and take charge of your situation.

“[Ellyn Tanenberg] always makes sure that I am fully informed about tax law. She fully explains any options and always keeps me informed via telephone or email. […] If you need an attorney, who is also a CPA, she would be the first person I would recommend.” – A client testimonial

International Tax Law Assistance

As a firm with a global reputation, Ellyn Tanenberg, Tax Attorney & CPA, has the ability to assist US citizens living abroad and foreign nationals living within the US with their unique international tax issues. Ms. Tanenberg’s experience includes helping clients across six continents understand their tax obligations and resolving tax disputes caused by inattention or oversight.

Resolving Tax Disputes

Many clients seek out Ms. Tanenberg’s help when they have serious tax problems. She regularly advocates for clients who are facing:

After taking time to understand the unique details of your claim, Ms. Tanenberg seeks the best possible resolution. This could mean filing past returns or filing amended returns, or negotiating for an offer in compromise, a manageable payment plan or other favorable settlement.

Preventative Audit Evaluations

In addition to advocating for those in dispute with the IRS or state tax authority, Ellyn Tanenberg provides a variety of consultative services with regard to tax law. She performs audits for those seeking clarification on their compliance with local and federal tax laws. She can also assist with filing initial or amended returns.

Speak With an Attorney Regarding Your Audit or Other Tax Concerns

By offering personalized guidance and creative solutions, Ms. Tanenberg seeks to achieve the most beneficial resolution for you. Consult with attorney Tanenberg today to learn more about your tax law options.