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Filing Prior Year Tax Returns

Many people have difficulty filling out tax returns. The anxiety of correctly filling out a 1040 or other tax forms leads some to put off filing their taxes on time, sometimes for several years or even decades. Some people who do file their taxes continually worry about potential mistakes and the likelihood of an IRS audit.

Whether you are concerned about unfiled tax returns or possible errors on your already filed return, a skilled tax lawyer can allay those fears and help you set the record straight. Ellyn Tanenberg, a tax lawyer and CPA with 20 years of experience, assists clients worldwide with filing US tax returns from previous years and other tax-related concerns. Her experience includes representing clients throughout the US and from across six continents. She maintains offices in Washington DC, Maryland and Florida to better serve the needs of her diverse clientele.

“I was impressed with [Ellyn’s] determination and diligence to identify and resolve my tax problems. […] I recommend Ms. Tanenberg to help anyone with their taxes.” – Client testimonial

What Happens When You Don’t File Your Taxes

If you do not file your taxes and do not respond to the IRS when they contact you, the IRS can file for you based only on your income (as reported by your employer) but will not generally account for many of the deductions to which you may be entitled. As such, the amount of tax due will usually be substantially inflated from what may actually be owed.

Additionally, the IRS may apply any refunds not already paid out to any outstanding balance owed. For example, if you filed your taxes this year but owe taxes from years prior, your refund may be applied to those back taxes. Furthermore, you may start to accrue interest and penalty fees on your outstanding bill.

Eventually, inaction or unresponsiveness can lead to IRS action such as a lien or levy of your wages or bank account for unpaid taxes.

Being Proactive is Key to Remedying the Situation

Even if the IRS has not yet sent a notice of collection, taking immediate action will be beneficial. Often clients have filed a tax return but they left out income, and that flagged an IRS audit. Many people come to Ms. Tanenberg because they know their past returns are questionable, and they have been carrying around the fear that they could be audited or investigated.

As your advocate, Ms. Tanenberg takes immediate action to address these matters. After interviewing you about your situation, she formulates a strategy on how to proceed, which may include:

  • Contacting the IRS directly to enlist their assistance in resolving the issue
  • Preparing unfiled tax returns
  • Amending tax returns that have already been filed

In preparing the tax returns, if you do not have all necessary documents to prepare your tax returns she can help you secure the needed documentation.

In short, Ms. Tanenberg will work to achieve every possible legal benefit to which you are entitled. She will negotiate with the IRS to limit enforcement, reduce amounts owed, establish a favorable settlement, and/or develop a payment plan.

“…Ms. Tanenberg combines the all-essential attentiveness to detail with a willingness to explore — and use — unusual strategies and arguments where they prove appropriate under the facts and the law. I recommend her highly.” – A client testimonial

Contact Ellyn Tanenberg, Tax Attorney & CPA, to Get Started

To discuss your particular concerns about filing back taxes, please contact her office for a consultation. Ms. Tanenberg’s hours are Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Fridays 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., with evening and Sunday meeting times available by request.