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Attorney Tanenberg is an excellent tax attorney. Her comprehensive knowledge of the law and all applicable IRS regulations allow her to provide a thoroughly well-prepared and professional response to even the most complex tax questions. She is prompt in responding to all deadlines and questions. She addresses the client’s issues with the utmost priority and attention to detail. The results are excellent.


A year ago I was at my wits’ end having not filed for so many years. Yesterday evening as I left your office I never felt so much relief. It’s done and over and it’s all thanks to you. Even when I didn’t respond as I should have you were devoted to our endeavor. Thanks is not close to the things I have to say for you! I gained a friend and an advocate that I will treasure forever. Thank you so very much!


Great NEWS!!! We received a “no change” letter from the IRS today. I just wanted to let you know now. They are NOT making any changes to the return. The US Treasury sent US a check BACK for the amount we sent in and interest. Thank you so much for your work. Your approach to this problem and patience as well as your ability to navigate through the instructions and prepare a coherent and articulate response was key.


I came to Ellyn Tanenberg after disappointing failures with two prior attorneys who claimed to offer “tax solutions.” After several thousand dollars paid to these lawyers I was in deeper trouble than ever, with a larger debt than I started with, and no plan in place with the tax authorities. I was beginning to wonder if the claim that tax problems could be solved was simply bogus late-night television advertising! Ms. Tanenberg proved that notion wrong as she completely outperformed my earlier attorneys. She is knowledgeable (an attorney as well as a CPA), focused and well-organized, and looks at each case in the light of its own unique factors. Each of us has a different story in life, and Ellyn creates a plan built around what has happened to you not simply a generic one-size-fits-all cookbook approach to tax liabilities. She will evaluate the elements in your situation, carefully assess your financial status with an accountant’s eye for detail, discuss the options with you clearly and in plain language, and then devise a careful plan for addressing the tax liability with a timeline to move through the plan. This kind of preparedness — backed by experience and her knowledge of the intricacies of both federal and state tax codes — makes all the difference and, indeed, leads to success. My recommendation for Ellyn Tanenberg is unreserved. If you have tax difficulties, be they federal or state or both, and you sincerely want to solve these difficulties in an equitable, organized manner that will permit you to get a grip on your tax issues — and get back to living your life — I suggest you give Ms. Tanenberg a call.


In dire straits with a large IRS debt, good fortune found me when I found Ellyn Tanenberg.

Ms. Tanenberg listened to my problems along with my goals and objectives. Then we sat down and worked together to meet them.

Working with Ellyn, I quickly overcame my fear of lawyers and CPA’s (she’s one in the same). Ellyn knew whom to call and how to approach each IRS contact we needed to resolve my problem. We did it together.

Thanks, Ellyn, I now sleep easier at night!


I have been a client of Ellyn Tanenberg, Attorney at Law, for several years. As such, I have repeatedly been impressed with her knowledge of tax law; ability to identify, focus on and resolve tax-related issues; and her level of integrity as it regards doing what is in the best interests of her client.

In order to fully understand my appreciation of her capabilities, it’s important that you understand the situation surrounding my tax issue (which is now completely resolved). When I first met with Attorney Tanenberg, I had an outstanding tax issue with the IRS which approximated six figures. As you can imagine, this dilemma was causing me a great deal of stress. To further complicate matters, the nature of my work requires that I travel overseas approximately 70-85% of the time. This made it very difficult if not impossible for me to deal with the IRS on a consistent basis. Needless to say, my efforts to personally resolve the situation were fruitless. I also had obtained other legal advice which basically led me down the same road.

Upon meeting with Ellyn, I was immediately impressed with her. She asked good questions regarding my tax problem in order to understand the situation, she began to plot a strategy that would address my dilemma, and throughout the 3 year endeavor, she did the following:

  1. displayed an exceptional level of knowledge and technical skill regarding her field of practice;
  2. proved to be very precise and detail-oriented (when negotiating with the IRS, this indeed is a positive;
  3. showed an extraordinary capability to stay on top of the many issues and deadlines associated with my case, and;
  4. was able to work with me and my busy traveling schedule.

I am very happy to state that my tax issue is completely resolved. At this point in my life I definitely can say that I have a very bright future ahead of me. As a direct result of resolving the tax issue, I was able to:

  1. clean up my credit history completely (which was very poor as a result of my outstanding tax debt and liens),
  2. purchase a home, and;
  3. basically put my financial house in order.

I can now look forward and pursue my goals and plans vigorously without looking back. I must admit, life appears much more pleasant after having the burden of my tax issue lifted from my shoulders.


You’re a wonderful person, you’ve been great and we truly appreciate all your hard work and excellent advice on this very complicated tax situation.


It has been a pleasure to work with Ellyn Tanenberg to resolve my outstanding tax issues. Her exceptional grasp of tax matters, ability to communicate effectively with the IRS, and diligence in handling my case is remarkable. Ms. Tanenberg has demonstrated tremendous compassion, flexibility and care for me as her client, making me even more confident in her efforts as a committed advocate representing my interests in a very challenging situation. She is a consummate professional, and I feel very fortunate to have her on my side. Ms. Tanenberg has worked diligently to seek a positive outcome for me, and I would recommend her services to anyone with tax challenges.


I can wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Tanenberg to help anyone with their taxes. She patiently spent months with me, helping to straighten out what seemed to be an insolvable problem with the IRS. She left no stone unturned and explained each step we were taking carefully. She is a dogged and determined worker who takes her responsibility to her client seriously. I was very pleased with the positive outcome of my difficult and seemingly insurmountable situation with my taxes, thanks to Ms. Tanenberg. I promise you she will do her very best on your behalf.


I have been a client of Ellyn Tanenberg, Attorney at Law. I was impressed with her determination and diligence to identify and resolve my tax problems. I can certainly say that she is a professional of integrity and actively pursues what is in the best interest of her client.

She patiently explained to me complicated tax matters and always kept me informed. I recommend Ms. Tanenberg to help anyone with their taxes.


I have had Ellyn Tanenberg as my attorney and CPA for a while. She always makes sure that I am fully informed about tax law. She fully explains any options and always keeps more informed via telephone or email. Without her continued help, I probably would be significantly worse off than I am right now. If you need an attorney, who is also a CPA, she would be the first person I would recommend. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Most years, I think, I can do my own taxes. For those other years, though, Ellyn Tanenberg definitely has come to my rescue. She took my initial thoughts on how best to respond to an IRS audit of one year’s Schedule E losses and built them into a winning presentation. Ms. Tanenberg combines the all-essential attentiveness to detail with a willingness to explore — and use — unusual strategies and arguments where they prove appropriate under the facts and the law. I recommend her highly.


We found Ellyn’s name in the Yellow Pages when we needed a lawyer to help us with a relative’s estate caused by the disappearance of her lawyer. Ellyn capably handled the estate and we have been her clients ever since.

Ellyn has been a trusted adviser for almost 20 years. She is thorough, responsible, professional and highly competent. Ellyn takes time to explain things to ensure that we thoroughly understand our situation and our options.


Ellyn Tanenberg has been my Attorney/CPA for nine years. She is professional, thorough, highly-competent and pleasant to work with. In her profession, she has managed to surround herself with the tools and resources needed to do her job efficiently and effectively. Her analysis of issues is well thought-out and factual. She will work on and research an issue until she gets an answer. Ms. Tanenberg is also reliable and dedicated to her clients and the work she performs for them.

Ms. Tanenberg recently represented me at an IRS Audit and her knowledge as a CPA, her confidence and excellent skills served me well. The bottom line, Ms. Tanenberg is a top notch CPA/Attorney who is committed, skilled and patient as she tackles problems and sees them through to completion if it requires research or just plain hard work and endurance.

I highly recommend Ms. Tanenberg to anyone searching for a competent Attorney/CPA.


For years I have made several attempts to seek the service of business accountants. There is one word which can describe my opinion of their service — incompetence. I had pretty much given up until I found Ellyn Tanenberg. This accountant/lawyer is not your run-of-the-mill professional. She pays [strict] attention to details, and goes out of her way to find every deduction. She really cares about her clients.


After an unexpected IRS audit, me with my wife realized that there are significant errors in our 2-3-year-old tax reports with large financial consequences. We turned to Ellyn Tanenberg for help and it was the best decision we have made. She demonstrated a great deal of commitment, professionalism and understanding of the customer needs and at the end saved us significant amount of money, time and hurdles.


When I contacted Ellyn I was extremely upset and fearful of my economic future after receiving an unexpected statement from the DC government for back taxes. I knew I owed the taxes and had been paying a small amount monthly, but was unprepared for the amount that had accrued due to interest. Further the notice stated that action would be taken if I didn’t get the taxes paid within a short time. Ms. Tanenberg was very thorough, and after compiling all the facts, she submitted and got approval of an offer in compromise for nearly half the amount owed.

I was so happy that I contacted Ellyn, and I felt the albatross around my neck was finally gone!


I have been quite fortunate to have the legal services of Ellyn Tanenberg, who has resolved my very complicated tax matters. Doing so was not an easy task, but Ms. Tanenberg’s considerable professional and personal skills produced a positive outcome.

Ms. Tanenberg is a consummate professional, whose extensive knowledge of and long experience with taxes inspired my confidence in her. Anything that will help her clients she already knows or can quickly determine from a variety of sources, including tax officials themselves. Her regular attendance of tax seminars keeps her abreast of changes and new developments in her field. Equally, if not more important are Ms. Tanenberg’s scrupulous ethics. Everything she does, from her billing policies to the taxes themselves is beyond question.

These fine ethics are obviously an important aspect of her personal qualities as well and are a significant part of my confidence in her. Other qualities were also most appreciated. Ms. Tanenberg is always cheerful and positive, no matter how challenging the problem, and as a result, the task seems manageable. Her attitude also creates a very pleasant work environment so that appointments with her are a pleasure.

This positive attitude also extends to tax officials and others she contacts in search of relevant information. She is always very polite and appreciative, thus, her sources are usually cooperative. Ms. Tanenberg is perhaps the most pleasantly persistent person I’ve ever known. When others might see a wall, she sees an opportunity; her persistence usually results in the desired information.

Finally, Ms. Tanenberg is very successful because her enjoyment of and expertise in her field are complemented by her genuine appreciation of and desire to help others.