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How to Get Tax Relief for Unfiled Back Taxes, Audits, Liens and Garnishments

Are you worried about unfiled tax returns, an IRS audit, or a tax lien or garnishment? Ellyn Tanenberg, Attorney & CPA, offers a personalized resolution of your tax problems backed by more than 20 years of experience in tax law. With offices in Washington, DC, Maryland and Florida, she represents clients nationwide and internationally with a wide variety of US tax concerns. She offers informed counsel and creative solutions to overcome the tax challenges confronting you, including:

Are You Being Audited by the IRS?

If the IRS or state tax authority selected your tax returns for audit, they may question your income or expenses from one or more previously filed tax returns. If you don’t provide satisfactory answers, they can disallow your expenses and/or claim you had more income. These changes may result in a potentially large tax bill with penalties and interest added.

If you need a tax attorney and CPA who has succeeded in many federal and state audits over the past 20 years, call Ellyn Tanenberg, Tax Attorney and CPA. She will tackle your complex tax issues. Her experience and knowledge, along with dogged determination to get you every possible tax benefit, will serve you well. She will deal with IRS demands on your behalf to get your audit resolved.

“After an unexpected IRS audit, my wife and I realized that there are significant errors in our 2-3-year-old tax reports with large financial consequences. We turned to Ellyn Tanenberg for help and it was the best decision we have made. She demonstrated a great deal of commitment, professionalism and understanding of the customer needs and at the end saved us significant amount of money, time and hurdles.” – A client testimonial

Did the IRS Garnish Your Wages or Bank Account, or Do You Have a Federal Tax Lien?

The IRS can place a lien against your property which may impact your credit for many years. If the IRS doesn’t collect from you the amount it says you owe, after a while it can also take your assets/income such as bank accounts or wages. Furthermore, if your employer finds out you have a federal tax lien or garnishment, you may worry that your job is in jeopardy. A tax lien may also prevent a new employer from hiring you.

Ellyn Tanenberg, a skilled and caring tax attorney and CPA, has gotten many tax liens and garnishments reduced or removed through her negotiations with the IRS. Call Ellyn Tanenberg if you have been notified that the IRS is attaching a lien to your property or is going to garnish your wages (sometimes for up to 80% of your paycheck). She may be able to reduce or remove the garnishment or lien.

“Ellyn knew whom to call and how to approach each IRS contact we needed to resolve my problem. We did it together.” – Client testimonial

Comprehensive Tax Assistance for Clients in the US and Across the Globe

Are you a US citizen living and working abroad? Or, are you a foreign national living and working in the US? If you struggle to understand your tax obligations, you are not alone. If these issues have become too demanding, contact Ellyn Tanenberg, Attorney & CPA. In the course of her career, Ellyn has represented clients from 33 countries across six continents with a variety of tax concerns, including unfiled US tax returns and preparation of foreign banking and financial asset reports (FBARs and Form 8938).

Are You in Dire Straits Because of Past-Due Tax Returns?

If you got behind in filing your tax returns, the IRS can file tax returns for you which frequently deny you many benefits you may be entitled to such as dependency exemptions, business expenses, or itemized deductions. As a result, you could end up with a tax debt (plus interest and penalties) much larger than you would owe if you file your past-due returns.

Ellyn Tanenberg has successfully prepared hundreds of back tax returns over the past 20 years, and working with her can significantly reduce the amount of tax, interest, and penalties you owe. She will also be a knowledgeable and skilled advocate in negotiating a favorable settlement or payment plan for you if you cannot pay the remaining tax obligations.

In short, she will solve the issue of past due returns, a problem that has perhaps plagued you for months or years. Call Ellyn Tanenberg to get all your back taxes filed.

“I have repeatedly been impressed with [Ellyn Tanenberg’s] knowledge of tax law; [her] ability to identify, focus on and resolve tax-related issues; and her level of integrity as it regards doing what is in the best interests of her client.” – A client testimonial