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Payment Plans

When you owe taxes and know you cannot pay them in full right now, you may be tempted to ignore the collection notices. Perhaps you have spent hours doing research on potential options, but you still have questions that seemingly have no answers. You may be too embarrassed to ask family or friends for advice.

If you are having issues with the IRS regarding the collection of taxes, there is no substitute for a professional counsel. As a professional tax attorney and CPA, Ellyn Tanenberg can answer your questions and determine what options you have for removing the stress of tax collection, such as a settlement or payment plan.

Ms. Tanenberg can help you negotiate with the IRS or state taxing authority so that you can move forward and put this chapter of life behind you. Contact her firm, which has locations in Washington DC, Maryland and Miami, to learn more. She represents clients throughout the world with US tax concerns.

“[Ms. Tanenberg’s] comprehensive knowledge of the law and all applicable IRS regulations allow her to provide a thoroughly well prepared and professional response to even the most complex tax questions. […] The results are excellent.” – Client testimonial

Negotiating Payment Plans for Clients in Washington DC, Maryland, Florida and Worldwide

When people receive a collection notice from the IRS, they often assume there is nothing to be done but comply. However, it is worth investigating the facts of what the IRS claims you owe. When Ms. Tanenberg files previously unfiled returns or amended returns for her clients, the amount owed is often reduced significantly.

If you are still unable to pay the amount owed, Ms. Tanenberg can help you negotiate a payment plan that fits your needs and budget. A payment plan, also known as an installment agreement, allows you to pay back the amount owed in manageable monthly installments. Installment plans are not meant to bankrupt you — most payment plans take your income and living expenses into account when the schedule is determined. In this way, you can make good on your debt while also taking care of your needs and those of your family.

Having an installment plan in place also means that all collection activities, such as a levy or garnishment, will stop. This is generally true even while your plan proposal is being considered by the IRS, though a tax lien may still be filed, and making payments during this time not only demonstrates your good faith but will also be applied to the balance owed.

“[Ellyn Tanenberg] patiently spent months with me, helping to straighten out what seemed to be an insolvable problem with the IRS. She left no stone unturned and explained each step we were taking carefully. […] I was very pleased with the positive outcome of my difficult and seemingly insurmountable situation with my taxes, thanks to Ms. Tanenberg. – A client testimonial

It should be noted that IRS installment plans will accrue interest, and for this reason, it may be preferable to seek other forms of relief first, such as an offer in compromise or other favorable tax settlements. Ms. Tanenberg makes a point to understand your unique circumstances first so you pursue the solution best suited to your needs and goals.

Consult With a Respected Tax Lawyer

Whether you filed taxes and now cannot pay the full amount owed or the IRS filed a substitute return on your behalf, Ellyn Tanenberg can handle the issues and help remove this stress from your life. She is extremely dedicated to helping you save your money, save your job and save embarrassment. Contact her law office to learn more. She has helped numerous professionals keep their jobs and keep clean tax records.